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2 January 2009

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Splintered Wood 1
22 September 2008

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Peeling Paint
20 September 2008

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Rocking Chair
19 September 2008

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13 September 2008

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Iris 2
7 September 2008

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Happy Birthday!
6 September 2008

Recent Comments

Bill Jennings on Cookies 2
Great photo - I'm hungry. Well composed and use of selective focus to highlight your subject.

r00t on Snowdrops 3
pretty shot.

Craig on Snowdrops 3
Lovely flowers!

Mandy Provan on Snowdrops 3
A lovely shot Megan, the depth of field is great!

Andrew Gould on Snowdrops 3
Lovely composition, Megan. The subdued lighting has its own attraction, but you may be able to achieve something more ...

Laurie on Snowdrops 3
They are indeed so pretty, gentle, and almost look shy.

Judy on Snowdrops 3
Very pretty ... you needed a little of your dad's lighting. <grin>

Laurie on Snowdrops 2
So pretty. Gentle and delicate.

Tracy on Snowdrops 2
Absolutely beautiful photo!! Great job Megan!

Judy on Snowdrops
Wonderful images of your Snowdrops, Megan!

Jeff on Daffodil 2
It looks like your Spring flowers are a little later than ours,this is a good shot but imagine what it will be like ...

Bill on Daffodil 2
Nice shot Megan! These look like they will be blooming in a very short time! BTW... great DOF!

dik on Budding Daffodil
Lovely color and DOF.

philippe on Budding Daffodil
Thank you for visit, there is photographs a very nice on your page, bravo .......

Laurie on Ball of Fluff 2
I like the delicate details and the graceful curve of the plant here.

Pradeep on Ball of Fluff 2
Interesting composition...well spotted :)

Craig on Ball of Fluff 2
Fine detail!

Judy on Ball of Fluff 2
This is a treasure ... caught before they began to escape!

Judy on Ball of Fluff
Very good, Megan ... just waiting for you to blow them away! :D

Judy on Cattails
This is pretty, Megan; I love dried grasses.

Bill on Ball of Fluff 2
Marvelous focus on the subject Megan and the DOF is great. Nicely Done!!

Suzanne on Ball of Fluff 2
Amazing macro. Such a simple little thing becomes so lovely in this image.

Didier on Ball of Fluff 2
Beautiful shot

Bill on Ball of Fluff
Very nice capture Megan. Depth of field is marvelous!

Lee on Ball of Fluff
You have a great eye for beauty in nature. Keep up the good work.

Mary on Ball of Fluff
Beautiful Megan!! I love captures of the beauty of nature. You are off to a great start! How much snow did you get? We ...

Lee on Cattails
Great selective focus. Great tones.

Mary on Cattails
So Beautiful!!

Bill on Cattails
Great focus and DOF Megan. Just a few more weeks and we can begin to find flowers to photograph again!

a Noble photo on Cattails
You definitely have an eye for photography! Keep it up!!

Laurie on Cattails
Lovely light and such a graceful image.

Jeff on Cattails
A beautiful ethereal quality to this shot young Lady,your Dad should be proud. :>)

JTF on Birthday Cake
GOd, I'm on a diet, so will you please not place pictures like this anymore !!!! LOL..

JTF on Cattails
Really nice and soft...

Pradeep on Cattails
Thats a nice one. Love the light and shadow play :)

shroom on Farm Cat
I love this picture. Well done.

Bill on Farm Cat
Nice find Megan! Good shot but would have been even better if you could have gotten a bit closer.

Stephen Phillips on Farm Cat
The magnificent predator upon The Savannah - surveying for its prey. The hunter's portrait - fabulous!

Judy on Farm Cat
I think he's looking at you, Megan, wondering if you have anything for him to eat. Good sighting!

Olivier Jules on Farm Cat
beautiful shot! very well composed

Laurie on Winter Sky
I like the mood of this. The light is beautiful.

Pradeep on Winter Sky
Nice light...very interesting composition. One thing though...your horizon is not horizontal...not a biggie, its a ...

Abraham Siloé on Winter Sky
quite nice composition with such colors, like it hope you visit my photoblog!

Judy on Winter Sky
Pretty shot, Megan ... you had your father had a good photo trek!

Judy on Winter Flower 2
I really like your dried winter flower shots, Megan!

Anthony Lambert on Winter Sky
I´ve just looked back through your Portfolio Megan and you´ve got some very good shots in there.It´s ...

Laurie on Winter Flower 2
The simplicity works nicely here. Nice DoF.

Jasp on Winter Flower 2
Simple but effective...nice use of DOF

Bill on Winter Flower 2
Nicely done Megan. DOF is great!

Charles on Winter Flower
Beautiful shot. Love the depth of field.

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